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SC4 a place that is great begin based on alumnus Dan Damman

…and ultimately relocated it to Marysville then St. Clair. He helped form Lord, Damman and VanDrew, PLC, in 2006 with partner Ken Lord and Dana VanDrew and later Damman…

Information and objectives for several SC4 Students

…Students are assigned an SC4 email account upon signing up to the faculty. SC4 uses email to keep in touch with all pupils using classes for credit, including information that is important payment, classes,…

Campus wireless

…the other choices at their standard setup. CA certification: choose “Don’t validate” Identity: Enter your SC4 username (note: just username maybe perhaps not email) Password: Enter your computer that is current password. Once…

SC4 expands transfer agreements with Oakland University

…number of transfer credits they could use toward their level, and additionally guarantees seamless motion of pupils between schools by providing course equivalencies that transfer to OU. “We are thrilled…

Board Policy 2.3.1

Retired Staff Services Policy The Board of Trustees of St. Clair County Community College wants to acknowledge the commitment, knowledge and experience of its personnel whom retire from the…

SC4 student-athletes winning within the class room

…their time and effort into the classroom rewarded brings an excellent sense of pride to your athletic division. It is also a credit into the help they get from the coaches, faculty…

Add, drop and registration that is late

Students may adjust 100% tuition refund to their schedule by dropping/adding courses throughout the founded timeframes for every single program, as given just below. Pupils are accountable to accomplish the correct drop/add…

Video Virtual Series with PTM Corp.

…Watch the meeting then have a look at SC4’s Career Coach for available task opening. The SC4 Community and Alumni Relations group is hosting an innovative new series that is virtual area companies…

SC4 Foundation awards $186,233 in scholarships

…eligible candidates,” said William Oldford, President of SC4 Foundation. Look at the SC4 site to find out more. Scholarships are a definite part that is big of the SC4 Foundation does, however it’s not…

Massage Therapy

The restorative massage system is really a cooperative work between St. Clair County Community university and Lakewood School of massage therapy. This program combines occupational-specific courses at Lakewood and general training…

Rent-a-Bank: Bank Partnerships plus the Evasion of Usury Laws

Adam J. Levitin

Georgetown University Law Center


“Rent-a-bank” arrangements will be the automobile of option for subprime loan providers wanting to avoid state usury, licensure, as well as other customer security laws and regulations. A non-bank lender contracts with a bank to make loans per its specifications and then buys the loans from the bank in a rent-a-bank arrangement. The non-bank loan provider then claims to shelter within the bank’s federal statutory exemptions from state legislation. The credibility of these plans happens to be the essential bitterly contested — and still unresolved — appropriate concern in customer finance for almost 2 decades.

The rent-a-bank trend is really a purpose of a binary, entity-based regulatory approach that treats banks differently than non-banks and therefore treats bank safety-and-soundness legislation as an alternative for usury regulations. The entity-based regulatory system is dependant on the dated presumption that deals align with entities, so that a solitary entity will perform a whole deal. Consumer lending, nonetheless, became “dis-aggregated,” such that the discrete elements of lending — marketing, underwriting, capital, servicing, and keeping of risk — are often split among multiple, unaffiliated entities.

The binary, entity-based system that is regulatory a mismatch for such dis-aggregated deals involving a mosaic of entities, some bank plus some non-bank. The mismatch facilitates regulatory arbitrage of usury legislation through rent-a-bank plans, as non-banks claim favorable regulatory therapy by virtue regarding the marginal participation of a bank in a deal.

The vigor of rent-a-bank plans is determined by appropriate doctrine. This informative article indicates that the so-called doctrine that is“valid-when-made to guide rent-a-bank plans, is certainly not, as reported, a well-established, hundreds of years old, “cardinal rule” of banking law. It really is a fabrication that is modern totally unknown historically. The doctrine just isn’t legitimate, but composed. Considering that the doctrine never ever existed historically press the site, it can not be needed for the functioning that is smooth of markets. The higher way of dis-aggregated deals is a presumption that bank legislation doesn’t expand beyond banking institutions, in conjunction with an anti-evasion principle that appears to substance over type. Such a method would produce greater certainty in regards to the legality of deals, while effectuating both state customer security regulations and bank regulation policy that is federal.

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