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Allow me to inform about Epic Games – Community guidelines

Allow me to inform about Epic Games – Community guidelines

We would like Epic Games to be a safe and place that is fun you to definitely play games or hang together with your buddies. We truly need your help keep it that method.

The Epic regards to Service and game agreements have rules that connect with your usage of Epic’s solutions, so a few of these guidelines may look familiar. But Epic offers a lot of ways to connect with other people through its games, solutions, and environments that more description of our community standards is useful.

Our Community Rules affect all users of Epic’s games, solutions, and surroundings. These criteria are helpful tips on what you ought to connect when within the Epic Games ecosystem. We included some certain examples below, but simply because one thing is not especially called away below does not mean it is OK.

After the guidelines, perhaps perhaps not super difficult. Nevertheless, in the event that you violate these guidelines, it may end up in action against your account all of the means as much as a permanent ban.

Community Rules

Personal Information

Keep it trick, keep it safe.

You’re never permitted to share other people’s information that is personal than display names therefore we strongly encourage you to not ever share yours. Sharing account that is someone’s alternate, real-world location, genuine title, etc. just isn’t permitted.

Bullying and Harassment*

We’re all here to possess enjoyable, let’s ensure that is stays friendly.

Respect other individuals – when chatting, creating or playing. Communicating or behaving in a real method that is predatory, threatening, intimidating, lewd, demeaning, derogatory, invasive of privacy, or abusive is contrary to the guidelines.

Attempting to make another person feel worse which means you feel a lot better does not work – it really is a lot easier, and much more fun, to together enjoy the experience!


You’re great. Be you.

Don’t impersonate other users, streamers, superstars, federal federal federal government officials, Epic workers, or someone else dating fitness singles. And don’t take credit for the next user’s creation. Pretending to be another person to be able to deceive or defraud other people isn’t ok.

Cheating and Trolling

A reasonable game is an enjoyable game.

Play fairly and inside the guidelines of this game. Don’t cheat, grief, group, or exploit insects and game outcome impacting problems. Find an exploit? Report it.

Intolerance and Discrimination

Epic will not tolerate any style of discrimination or hate.

The Epic ecosystem greets variety in race, ethnicity, color, faith, sex identification, sexual orientation, cap cap ability, and origin that is national. Don’t demean, marginalize, utilize hateful language against, or belittle other users or teams. Respect fellow players.

Dangerous or activities that are illegal

Respect neighborhood legislation and participate that is don’t or encourage unlawful or dangerous tasks, including gambling, medication usage, phishing, etc. Threats of problems for your self or other people are taken seriously—don’t make sure they are, specially as bull crap.

Inappropriate Content

Content, communications, and task into the Epic ecosystem should not keep other people from having experiences that are positive. The Content must be followed by all content Guidelines.


The kind of action we’ll take for a certain violation of those guidelines is set on a basis that is case-by-case. We’ll glance at severity, whether you’re a repeat offender, as well as other facets. Action taken may be any such thing from a caution at a lower price severe offenses, all of the way as much as an account ban that is permanent.

In the event your account is forever prohibited, the account owner may lose all legal rights to games, virtual things, account balances, or other things that you’ve probably attained or bought. For those who have numerous records, we possibly may do something against your entire records.

Player Reporting

We all have been a right component with this community, and it’s also as much as us to help keep it friendly, enjoyable and free from negativity.

If you encounter a person maybe not respecting the Community Rules, Content tips, along with other players, it is possible to report them via in-game reporting or by calling our player help group. We shall do something against players we observe perhaps perhaps perhaps not following a grouped Community Rules and escalate based upon the offense.

You don’t like, but doesn’t violate the Community Rules, you can block the person with one tap if you meet someone.

Security and safety

Keep username and passwords safe and personal. Offering use of your account sets you at an increased risk. Don’t share your bank username and passwords or the account information of other people.

In terms of safety in the Epic ecosystem and remaining safe we rely on offering you most of the tools necessary. You will find a complete group of all the account protection actions you can take and stuff we presently do inside our FAQ.

You can moderate your child’s playtime or interactions within Epic Games, head over to our Parental Control hub within account management if you are curious about Parental Controls and how. Here’s a review of ways to adjust social settings in Fortnite as an example:

The Epic Community Rules are maybe perhaps maybe not last and can alter with time, so be sure you check right right back frequently to stay as much as date. “But, i did son’t understand…” is certainly not a legitimate reason, and seriously a fairly bad one. We’re all here to own fun, create and enjoy great games!

Many thanks if you are part of the Epic community and doing all of your component to keep a safe and space that is fun every person.