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Alex is delayed by the belated arrival of Rick, whom gets to any sort of accident on their method up the Dempster Highway while bringing a vehicle to Alex.

Alex is delayed by the belated arrival of Rick, whom gets to any sort of accident on their method up the Dempster Highway while bringing a vehicle to Alex.

they truly are both sent to Mallik, a website of ongoing research into gasoline hydrate areas. Eric is assigned the task of hauling a much-needed vacuum vehicle to Mallik; crisis repairs on its suspension and a frozen bolt threaten to destroy this course of action, but he does fundamentally keep with time. Hugh has a boiler to Mallik as Rick returns to Inuvik with lots of categorized gear from a Cold War -era army post.

Six-year veteran Bear Swensen takes a lot of rig mats to Mallik as Alex hauls a lot to Tuktoyaktuk. On the road back again to Inuvik, transporting contaminated soil, Alex spots crisis personnel attending to a flipped-over field vehicle whoever motorist is nowhere coming soon. Term later on comes that it was made by this person back once again to Inuvik properly, although the vehicle is towed in. With the aid of a pupil trucker, Hugh takes their refurbished vacuum cleaner tanker to Aput, an all natural fuel research website, to haul away lots of wastewater.

Drew makes their very very very first ice road run of the season, bound for Tuktoyaktuk with lots of construction materials for a hockey rink, but their disease flares up and Kelly Brown the trucker that is senior with him needs to complete the run. Rick continues to be from the road, waiting around for a brand new oil pan become flown in, as Bear hauls a drilling mud tank to Mallik. A snowplow gets stuck from the ice, however a fix team quickly takes care of it.

Nearly seven million pounds of gear should be hauled over the ice road as fast as possible, so that the business from losing any longer cash than necessary. Meanwhile, Alex has a water tank plus some panels from Inuvik to Tuktoyaktuk and Drew completes their first solamente go beyond the ocean, hauling food towards the exact same destination. Rick is yet again from the ice, waiting on both an oil pan for his initial vehicle and various repairs towards the one he borrowed; Shaun as well as the other mechanics blame these problems on their rough control associated with vehicles.

Utilizing the storm over as well as the road cleared and reopened, the truckers are prepared to return to work hauling equipment from Aput to Langley. To save lots of time, as opposed to break the derrick on to pieces, Jerry lots the complete device onto two vehicles, hooked back to right back because of the derrick’s ends resting on the trailers.

Oncoming traffic is warned to produce the proper of option to both of these truckers; one convoy hardly gets from the road with time, however the derrick nevertheless comes properly. Eric hauls a cherry picker to your new web web site, when he and a manager get its frozen engine operating once once again onto his trailer so he can drive it. Bear sees a power that is electric and very very carefully drives it to Langley because of its fat distribution. Although the derrick was successfully relocated from Aput to Langley, the teams cannot erect it until its ton substructure is set up.

This gear is split up into two ton lots and assigned to Alex and Bear.

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